Panificadora Marques Filipe has been acquiring knowledge and new production techniques over two generations and 50 years of work, in order to respond to the daily needs of our customers. In order to guarantee the quality of our products to consumers, in addition to a careful choice of suppliers and high quality raw materials, we are certified based on the reference IFS Food.

We strictly comply with the rules of the HACCP system as well as all the legal requirements associated with the sector and we submit our products to sensory, nutritional, physical-chemical and microbiological analyses, in independent and accredited laboratories, which translates into the continuous and daily improvement of the our production process.

Although nowadays there are many resources that allow us to have a faster and more economical process, we chose to make our products as artisanal as possible, as the oldest recipes, which makes this a differentiated and excellent product.

Panificadora Marques Filipe has achieved an unavoidable success in its area, supported by the secret of tradition and non-negotiable quality criteria. The story began in the 1960s and went from accounting for half a dozen sales to transforming many tons of flour a day into a frenetic production line with more than seventy employees who literally get their hands in the dough. Even today, until the bread is baked, it takes a trip to the past.

We can still see it taking shape at the hands of bakers as Joaquim Marques Filipe did 60 years ago. Today, traditional bread is complemented with other typical products such as bread with chorizo, corn bread, wholemeal, carob or beet bread, without ever losing its genesis.
Portugal, which was the stage for all these achievements, witnessed the beginning of an enterprise that has more than half a century of stories, with no finish line in sight. There is so much more to do and build on.

Sometime in the 2000s, Panificadora Marques Filipe started with some homemade experiences in the frozen food sector, with a view to the world of export, but only in 2010 did it have enough strength to move towards Europe, along with the nostalgia market as it is called, crossing countries like Belgium, England, Luxembourg, Spain and France and even crossing oceans.

The small bakery is now transformed into a company that takes bread to the homes of many Portuguese (inside and outside Portugal), striving for a differentiated product for its quality and never forgetting to protect the art of its beginnings so that the past of its history not get lost in the mischaracterization of modernity.
Panificadora Marques Filipe continues to write history and honor its origins through the seal of quality it instills in everything it does and the loyalty with which it serves all its customers

The daily bread has never been more ours.